What happened to all the sizes?

.....So I went shopping last Friday, physically shopping as opposed to the late night online splurge. The tot was in nursery, all my admin was done and I was all ready for my bnb guests. Smug I felt. That was until I got there.

EVERYTHING I wanted was either NOT in my size or SOLD OUT. Literally, what?  All I needed were boots and a coat (and anything in-between!). After only a couple of hours I walked away with vests and wellies for the tot. NOT sparkly new boots and my coat I had been lusting after. AHHHH!

So, what did I do? Came home and on-lined shopped, of course!! And the coat I wanted came back into stock (after 4 separate checks online - weird). And now I'm waiting on delivery of THAT coat and boots, Albeit NOT the ones I had eyed up and saved for. So, what is going on? Brexit? Are we shopping more? Are the shops simply not stocking the sizes? I have NO idea but for a woman who is time poor and a fashion addict, it's beyond frustrating. Who has time to keep checking to see if your items are being re-stocked online?? Are we going shopping crazy? Has the shopping world changed since I've been away having a child? (answers on a postcard please).

None the less, here are a few of my favourites I spied whilst I trawled those shops...


Structured yellow coat from Mango £80 
Red Editors Style coat from Topshop £135
Checked Wool blend coat from Mango £120
Oversized Burgundy coat from Zara £119 
Marks and Spencer grey long-lined Limited Edition coat £69

And for the boots...


Silver sock boots from Topshop £75
3 Buckle boot from hush £220
Silver block heel from M&S £55
Black buckle boot from Topshop £82
Red Ablaze sock boot from Office £85

And yes, my chosen boots and coat are in the mix :) I'm sure they will be making an appearance on Insta soon x