Ok, so this is my first post on my sparkly new blog. I have tried this blogging stuff before but was a bit shite at it. Could never find any inspo, had enough time to write, couldn't login as had forgot my password... you get the gist. But, now I actually WANT to sit here and type and say a few words to who ever will listen out there. Mainly because all I have done all day is speak 'toddler' to my little girl, and after a twelve hour day of doing so you just kinda want to discuss (or type) the things you want to talk about e.g. fashion, the countryside, blogging, instagramming... So, although I'm sure (like talking to my toddler) I won't get much response, it is nice to have an outlet where I can escape to, let my creative thinking flow, share fashion bits and just generally feel like a woman not just a mummy. So, I hope you enjoy my future posts....

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